"A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives." - Jackie Robinson

Our Impact

In 2019, Dreams for Change has helped over 9,000 people with an operating budget of under ONE MILLION DOLLARS. We are proud to serve the community and uplift individuals and families that need just a little help.

2019 Program Results

Safe Parking Program

28th Street Safe Parking Lot
Total Cars Enrolled: 115
Total People: 167
Placements Cars: 61
People: 76

2019 Imperial Ave Safe Parking Lot
Total Cars Enrolled: 151
Total RVs Enrolled: 11
Total People: 201
Placements Cars: 26
Placements RVs: 2
People: 47

VITA & EITC Financial Literacy Programs

2019 Tax Program Results: 8,275 tax returns
$14 million in refunds

Workforce Development & Eat Better Today Programs

Over 13,500 meals served by food trucks in 2019 2019 Workforce Stats Total Trainees: 65
Completed training: 31
Job placements: 25
Advance Training: 6

Thank you to over 350 Volunteers across all of our programs!

Safe Parking Opens Doors

"Rosa has been in our Safe Parking Program for over a year now. Rosa found an immediate connection to our intern, Samantha, due to Spanish being her 1st language. Samantha was able to connect Rosa with our workforce team to start working on the Dreams Cuisine food truck, as this has always been her dream!

She also was ready to start school, taking some college courses. She feels that with Samantha's guidance, she will be on the road to independence in the near future."

- Ava Blackwell, Case Manager

Programs Working Together

"We just finished up our Financial Literacy module with our Workforce Development trainees. For the past month, we have been engaging in interesting conversations about money and how it reflects and amplifies our values. We discussed how to maximize earnings and how to spend it wisely.

The trainees completed budgeting activities and learned how to build credit to obtain a better credit score. Congratulations to this awesome group for taking a great first step towards financial savviness!"

- Joy Thornton, Program Manager

Rebuilding a Life

"Cheryl was referred to the Dreams’ Cuisine program through the CARE Center, a resource hub that is an extension of the District Attorney’s office. Fleeing an abusive ex-husband, Cheryl was in desperate need of housing and employment. The CARE Center was able to refer Cheryl to a women’s shelter in Riverside. Despite the great distance between the CARE Center and the women’s shelter, Cheryl was determined to seize the opportunity to become immediately employed through the Dreams’ Cuisine program.

After several weeks of enduring the cumbersome commute from Riverside to San Diego for the paid on-the-job training and weekly work readiness and life skills classes, Cheryl was able to move to a shelter located in San Diego. Cheryl’s strength and determination have been undeniable from the start. As a Dreams’ Cuisine program participant, Cheryl has demonstrated reliability, integrity, and a steadfast desire to help others. She is especially known for her tenacity in finding solutions to address the barriers she faces, and she often shares her knowledge of resources and opportunities with those facing barriers of their own. Cheryl’s work ethic and helpful disposition have made a positive contribution to the culture of the Dreams’ Cuisine program.

Cheryl continues to do the work of rebuilding her life and seeking the care needed after years of trauma in an abusive marriage. She has utilized the CARE Center’s on-site counseling resources, secured additional part-time employment with a telemarketing company, and works with a life coach through Women’s Empowerment International. Cheryl is saving to secure an apartment in the near future, and she credits the Dreams’ Cuisine program with helping her find stability during a time when she was most uncertain about her well-being and safety."

- Kyra Bethel, Program Manager

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