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Dreams for Change hosts a free food distribution event every Wednesday between 10:00 A.M. and 12:00 P.M. This program aims to support individuals and families who are facing food insecurity. During these two hours, participants can access much-needed food assistance.

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Dreams For Change team members providing food to hungry people.

Food Distribution Program Highlights

Dreams for Change partnered with the Jacob & Cushman San Diego Food Bank to address food insecurity among individuals and families. Through this collaboration, we aim to provide both fresh produce and shelf-stable food to those in need to make a significant impact on addressing food insecurity in the San Diego community.

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Addressing Food Insecurity

Every year, our organization makes a significant impact on our local community by providing over 700 households with a staggering amount of food. Approximately 160,000 pounds of food are distributed, addressing the pressing issue of hunger in our area.

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Addressing High food Costs

By offering essential food items at no cost, families can allocate their financial resources toward other household needs. This initiative helps alleviate the financial burden on low-income families, allowing them to save money that would otherwise be spent on purchasing groceries.

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Our food distribution program serves a diverse range of individuals, including over 2900 people in total. Of these, approximately 700 are over the age of 60, 200 are under 5 years old, and more than 500 fall between the age group of 6-18.

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Programs & Resources

Access to other programs and resources – During our food distribution, staff and volunteers will provide information about our other programs like Free Tax Preparation and Workforce training.

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