Workforce Training

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The Workforce Program provides people with high barriers to employment with 12-week job readiness services, including paid on-the-job training opportunities and personal development classes.

Addressing Barriers to Employment

Direct Hire Opportunites

Paid On-The-Job Training

Workforce Training Program Highlights

The Workforce Training Program is designed to support individuals facing significant obstacles to employment by offering a range of job readiness services. These services include paid on-the-job training opportunities to enhance practical skills and personal development classes to build confidence and professionalism. Through this program, participants can acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to improve their employability and access meaningful employment opportunities. Dreams for Change has expanded the types of Workforce training to include Lived Experience Ambassadors, Site Patrol, Tax Preparation, and, of course, the Dreams’ Cuisine food trucks.

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Case Management

Each individual or household receives support to identify immediate and long-term needs in order to connect with appropriate resources.

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Personal Development Classes

Classes are offered on a weekly basis and cover a variety of topics. These include job readiness skills, such as resume building and interview preparation, as well as emotional awareness and self-care strategies for the work place. Additionally, financial literacy education is provided to help individuals improve their budgeting, income to debit understanding, and how to overcome a low credit score.

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Job Training

Trainees at Dreams for Change can benefit from paid on-the-job training, where they will receive minimum wage for their hours worked. This allows them to gain valuable experience while also receiving fair compensation.

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Employment Specialist

Trainees will have the opportunity to work closely with an Employment specialist who will assist them in finding a job after they finish the program. This support will greatly enhance their chances of securing employment and starting their careers successfully.

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