Safe Parking

The Safe Parking Program provides a safe parking environment and supportive services for transitional homeless living in their vehicles for overnight stays. Family advocates construct an action plan with each participant placing emphasis on permanent housing solutions, employment, training, emergency supports and asset stabilization and building.


The Safe Parking Program operates 7 nights a week, 365 days a year starting at 6:00 pm. Program volunteers and staff are always on site to include overnight stays.

The idea of the Safe Parking Program was developed by seeing the rise in newly homeless due to sudden loss of employment and homes. A student group from SDSU School of Social Work and Cal Western Law School researched and started the ground work for the Safe Parking Program to be a viable program here in San Diego.

We at Dreams for Change believe an individual’s vehicle is often times their last asset. We see the value of this asset which allows them to continue to access resources, look for employment and get to and from school. A loss of their vehicle is seen as one of the final step to chronic homelessness; thus we focus on stopping the downward spiral of homeless and bring stability to families and individuals.

Our Process

Emergency Needs Assessment: participants receive basic needs to include blankets, bottle water, canned food, toiletries, clothing and other items.

Resource Development: participants are screened for potential eligibility for public benefits focusing on completing benefits and shelter applications.

Financial Education Classes: participants attend educational classes focusing on goal setting, survival budgets with limited income, tax rights, and credit and debt management.

Individual Financial Counseling: participants meet with our financial counselor to review individual credit reports and budgets, instructions and tools to repair their credit reports, review/completion of current and past year’s taxes.

Community Building: the parking lot serves as a place for children to complete their homework, develop friendships and play, and for individuals to share their stories, develop friendships and provide each other support.

Safe Parking Goals:

1. Create a Safe Space for Temporary Transitional Homeless :

2. Increase access to available services:

3. Reduce number of Individuals living illegally in their car on the street:

4. Transition customers to long-term shelters or permanent housing:

5. Build upon the Center for Working Families® ( concept by focusing on bridging services in Education, Employment, Supports and Asset-Building;

Program Locations
Please call (619) 497-0236 before arriving at a location.

San Diego Lot Map
766 28th St.
San Diego, 92102

Chula Vista Lot Map
345 5th Ave.
Chula Vista, 91910

Vista Lot
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