Dreams for Change is a San Diego nonprofit using providing social innovative programming to meet social needs surrounding poverty issues. All programming takes a multi-facet approach to not only address the current issues, but look towards long-term stabilization and solutions. We foster collaboration to bring forth new programs, and utilize new and innovative ways of thinking to bring about the changes needed to make our community a better place for everyone.

Dreams for Change’s brings San Diegans one of a kind innovative programming to fill gaps in current service provisions. Our primary programs address homelessness, food security and financial and asset development. Core programming include our Safe Parking Program, Eat Better Today, Senior Connections and Thrive San Diego Initiative.

Dream for Change Values

Respect: Be excellent to yourself and thereby inspire self-respect in others. Serve others with honesty and dignity.

Passion and Joy: Be passionate about serving clients/guests and joyful about the way that we do it.

Restoration: Bring about positive change and solutions in the lives of clients/guests.

Responsiveness: Do the things that nobody else will do. All client/guest needs are valid and important and should be addressed in a timely manner.

Collaboration: Be expert in what we do and let others be expert in what they do. Communicate plainly and share solutions with others. Build trust through strong collaborative relationships with partner organizations serving our clients.

Quality over Quantity: serve clients/guests at a high standard even if it limits the number of people we can serve.

Efficiency and Effectiveness: Use every dollar wisely to effect the most change.

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