Dreams for Change is a San Diego nonprofit using providing social innovative programming to meet social needs surrounding poverty issues. All programming takes a multi-facet approach to not only address the current issues, but look towards long-term stabilization and solutions.

We foster collaboration to bring forth new programs, and utilize new and innovative ways of thinking to bring about the changes needed to make our community a better place for everyone.

Maria and her 12 year old daughter arrived at our program 5 days before Christmas, shortly after 8:00 p.m. She came up to our staff and asked if she had found the car program. When she was told she had, she began to sob. Through her tears, she identified she felt lost and scared. She had just lost her apartment that day and had nowhere to go. She had never been homeless before. She was upset for her daughter. She called for shelters, but was told everything had a waitlist and was given our address. She did not have blankets for her daughter and herself, nor had they eaten all day. Our team and volunteers sprang into action. We gave them each blankets to stay warm. A group of volunteers quickly had them joining the group’s holiday celebration for dinner, desserts and gifts. Though more tears followed, mom said she was glad she was able to find us and not have to be on the streets.

2013 has been a busy year for Dreams for Change. Almost daily, we have been met with challenges. Shelters and other housing resources continue to be limited and not enough space to address all those who are in need of a shelter. Our Safe Parking has served over 700 individuals in 2013 alone! This is more than we served in the first two years combined. Unfortunately, our opportunities for funding have not kept pace with the increase in demand and needs. Without immediate funding, we will be force to close one location and send 50 individuals back out to the streets; individuals such as Maria’s family.

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