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Innovation in the social sector

Life happens. And it’s not always pretty. With nearly half of all Americans reporting zero dollars saved or no savings account at all, it’s easy to see how many of us are an incident away – a debilitating sickness, medical bankruptcy, reduced work hours, unemployment, foreclosure, a large rent increase or other unforeseen event – from homelessness.1

Dreams for Change was organized in May 2009 to support homeless and low-income people who were not being served by traditional homeless-service providers and government programs. Our vision was and remains offering innovative programs that are based on documented best practice research and then assessed to measure the impact of our work.

To date, we have assisted more than 33,000 people through pioneering cost-effective interventions that fill gaps in services and stabilize the lives of homeless and other low-income people. We provide long-term solutions that result in a better quality of life.

Our programs include:

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