Who Benefits from Safe Parking Programs across San Diego County?

Safe Parking programs in San Diego County were established in 2010 by Teresa Smith, PhD, CEO, and founder of the nonprofit organization Dreams for Change. These programs are designed to provide secure overnight parking spaces for individuals and families who are experiencing homelessness and are living out of their vehicles. These programs cater to a diverse range of people who find themselves in difficult circumstances and are seeking stability and support.

One group that benefits from Safe Parking is individuals who have fallen on hard times and cannot afford traditional housing. These individuals may have lost their homes due to financial hardship, sudden job loss, underemployment, or other unforeseen circumstances, like a flood. For them, Safe Parking programs offer a safe and supervised space to park their vehicles overnight, providing a temporary solution while they work towards regaining stability.

Families with children who are experiencing homelessness also utilize Safe Parking programs. These families may have faced eviction, domestic violence, or other challenges that have left them without a permanent place to call home. Safe Parking programs provide a measure of security and access to support services for these families, ensuring they have a safe place to spend the night and access to resources to help them transition towards stable housing.

It’s important to note that the individuals and families using Safe Parking programs come from all walks of life and have varied backgrounds. They may include veterans, seniors, individuals with disabilities, and others who have encountered barriers to securing housing. The Dreams for Change Safe Parking program aims to provide inclusive support while maintaining the safety of its participants and community. All new clients are checked against the DOJ and Megan’s Law Registry. 

Ultimately, Safe Parking programs are utilized by a wide spectrum of individuals and families who are experiencing homelessness and are seeking a supportive and secure environment as they work towards transitioning into stable housing. These programs play a crucial role in providing a temporary but essential lifeline for those who are facing the challenges of homelessness.

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