Dreams for Change pioneers efficient programs that make a direct and ongoing impact in people’s lives. Each of our programs and services fit into a larger system of support that we call Paths to Stability. We help individuals and families navigate each path.

Paths to Financial and Housing Stability

Financial and Housing Stability

Path #1: Support

Safe Parking Program

The loss of a vehicle is one of the final steps to chronic homelessness. We provide safety and case management for individuals living in their vehicles.

The Safe Parking Program provides supportive services and a safe place to park for families and individuals who are living in their vehicles.

See our recent profile in National Geographic to learn more about the families we assist. Contact us for more info about receiving services, program locations, and spot availability.

Our Agency has adopted RTFH’s HMIS Privacy and Security Policies.

Contact us for more info about receiving services, program locations, and spot availability.

Food Accessibility

Our Dreams' Cuisine Food Trucks offer affordable, fresh food, in partnership with our workforce training program.

Dreams' Cuisine is a social enterprise that provides workforce training through food trucks. We have three food trucks currently serving the community. The Fresh Food Truck serves those experiencing homelessness. The Thyme Together Food Truck serves low-income seniors, and Dream’s Cuisine is the lead training truck for events.

Our food trucks are designed to sell meal options to low-income seniors and people experiencing homelessness. Offering affordable options empowers people with the dignity of buying food that they enjoy.

Our menu items include $5.00 entrees and bottles of water for $.25. You can find one of our food trucks parked around 17th and K St in downtown San Diego Monday through Saturday.

In addition, our Safe Parking program partners with businesses, families, and organizations like the Youth Assistance Coalition who provide dinners for our Safe Parking participants. Want to host a dinner for our participants? Find out how you can get involved.

Dreams for Change offers a weekly food distribution, with seasonal fresh produce and shelf stable food items. It is held every Wednesday from 10:00 AM until 12:30 PM at 5605 Imperial Ave., San Diego, CA for people experiencing food insecurity..

Case Management

Case management is provided in our Safe Parking and Workforce Training programs. A case manager is assigned to each participant when they enter a program.

The case manager will perform an intake interview to get a better understanding of the participant’s needs and together they will create a path to stabilization by connecting them to services, classes, employment, and housing.

Path #2: Employment

Dreams' Cuisine Program (Social Enterprise)

Training is essential for re-entering the workforce. In our programs, participants gain crucial on-the-job and classroom training.

Through the Dreams’ Cuisine program, participants learn the ins and outs of running a food truck business. Their skills can be applied to business management and jobs in the culinary and food service sectors.

Classroom Education

Our workforce training program not only provides paid on-the-job training but requires each trainee to attend classes every Thursday. Our curriculum takes a whole person approach.

Our curriculum can include:

Job Skills: How to look for employment, resume building, interview practice

Soft Skills: Emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, time management, decision making

Life Skills: Budgeting, understanding your credit, how to find housing, appropriate communication and attire

Job Placement or Higher Education

After the trainee has completed their training, the trainee and their case manager will figure out the next steps. Many trainees want to enter the workforce immediately. We will see if our many partners have openings or help each participant find a job with an employer of their choosing.

Some trainees complete their training and find they want to move on into traditional or trade education. We will assist them in finding the right program for them.

Dreams for Change is always available to any of our trainees after they leave the program for support or possible future employment.

Communities thrive when people have the tools they need to build assets and create financial stability.

Path #3: Income

Tax Assistance Program

Tax refunds are a critical source of income for some individuals.

We provide free tax preparation to low and moderate-income households, processing thousands of tax returns and bringing millions of dollars back into communities.

In addition to tax preparation, our programs offer comprehensive tax education and resolution services. We work in partnership with the IRS and help clients get in direct contact with case managers.

Financial Management

Financial literacy is the foundation of all our programs and services. Understanding and setting goals for your financial situation is a pivotal step on the road to long-term financial stability. Dreams for Change teaches strategies for financial management.

Clients receive classes in understanding credit, budgeting, and mapping out their financial future. All of our clients and program participants have access to financial management assistance.

We also link clients with a bank that can help them take control over their finances, and review credit reports and suggest ways to improve credit.


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