Why I joined the DFC Board: Kay Dendy

“At the cross-section of racial equity, reproductive rights, and arts + humanities— housing is a basic need that most often goes unnoticed. I am passionate about all of these interest areas — although being unhoused keeps us from thriving.”

After coaching organizations that focus on public health and equal access to the whole-person, I understand that long-standing historical and structural racism, at its core, has humans living unhoused because our society’s focus is on keeping the powerful, powerful. 

At its root, DFC is a champion for navigating unhoused people into skill building programs, healthy lifestyle choices, routine healthcare, and affordable, stable housing.  The leadership is highly sensitive to our community crisis and are here to support with compassionate care.

This is why I joined the board. I see and feel a level of engagement with service that is relatable, and necessary, to monitor change in our society. In addition, we are growing, our programs are flourishing, and positive changes are happening. This is exciting! 

Underserved/untreated populations experience homelessness at the highest rates. The lingering effect of ignoring the issue continues to perpetuate disparities in critical areas that impact rates of homelessness.

By providing programs that address the crisis and alleviate the cycle of distress in San Diego County, DFC leads by creating solutions to barriers to unhoused living. WE are the catalysis for change.

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