Dreams for Change pioneers efficient programs that make a direct and ongoing impact in people’s lives.

Each of our programs and services fit into a larger system of support that we call Paths to Stability. We help individuals and families navigate each path.


Path to Employment Stability

Dreams for Change Paths to Stability

Path: Employment

Dreams' Cuisine Program (Social Enterprise)

Training is essential for re-entering the workforce. In our programs, participants gain crucial on-the-job and classroom training.

Through the Dreams’ Cuisine program, participants learn the ins and outs of running a food truck business. Their skills can be applied to business management and jobs in the culinary and food service sectors.

Classroom Education

Our workforce training program not only provides paid on-the-job training but requires each trainee to attend classes every Thursday. Our curriculum takes a whole person approach.

Our curriculum can include:

Job Skills: How to look for employment, resume building, interview practice

Soft Skills: Emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, time management, decision making

Life Skills: Budgeting, understanding your credit, how to find housing, appropriate communication and attire

Job Placement or Higher Education

After the trainee has completed their training, the trainee and their case manager will figure out the next steps. Many trainees want to enter the workforce immediately. We will see if our many partners have openings or help each participant find a job with an employer of their choosing.

Some trainees complete their training and find they want to move on into traditional or trade education. We will assist them in finding the right program for them.

Dreams for Change is always available to any of our trainees after they leave the program for support or possible future employment.


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