Here’s How San Diego’s “Safe Parking Program” Impacts Lives of the Homeless

Safe Parking Program in San Diego
January 2, 2019
Free Places to Park and Sleep in San Diego County
March 3, 2019

Here’s How San Diego’s “Safe Parking Program” Impacts Lives of the Homeless

Have you ever felt sorry for the homeless lining the streets of your city? From cold winter nights to sweltering summer days, these people have often experienced the worst elements of the outdoors. And, of course, that stress is on top of whatever other hardships contribute to their homelessness or result from it. Whether it’s unaffordable housing or lack of somewhere to sleep, these individuals have been subjected to some of the toughest adversities of everyday life. Perhaps you’ve wanted to help but haven’t known how. Fortunately, Dr. Teresa Smith, the founder of Dreams for Change, has found a way to help.

Making a Difference

San Diego is one of many cities that contains working homeless with the numbers increasing— which has made it challenging for local agencies and shelters to keep up. With limited manpower and funds, organizations find it difficult to provide sustainable help for all who need it. Seeing all of this take place, Dr. Smith became inspired to play a part in improving the lives of the homeless in her city.  Motivated to create a change among the lives of the low-income and poverty-stricken, Smith built a non-profit organization, Dreams for Change, in 2009. This institution is dedicated to offering assistance to people without homes and other low-income people.

Safe Parking Program, San Diego

Support the Movement

Dreams for Change advocates for homeless people in San Diego. Their objectives include helping San Diego’s homeless find permanent housing, emergency support, employment, and training. In addition, Dreams for Change initiated the Safe Parking Program in San Diego to bring support to people who live out of their cars. This program provides a safe place to park their vehicles at night and sleep safely.

So, how can you participate? There are two options: You can either be a volunteer or make a donation. By being a volunteer, you’ll be a contributor to one or more initiatives at Dreams for Change. 

If you’d rather donate, here are some ways that your money can help:

  • By donating $50, you’ll be able to provide a parking space and supportive services to one family for one month.
  • By donating $75, you’ll provide support for the supplies necessary for the operations of the Safe Parking Program
  • By donating $100, you’ll be able to provide support for the gasoline costs for four individuals. This will be a big help for those seeking work and currently working.
  • By donating $250, you’ll have the opportunity to end homelessness for one family.
  • By donating $500, you’ll be able to support the provision of a parking space for 30 vehicles for one month.
  • By donating $1000, you’ll have the chance to provide support services of one safe parking site for a month.

Playing a part in the lives of less fortunate people is one of the best ways to give back. With the increasing amount of people living in their vehicles, it’s easy to find a place to contribute. If you’re looking to make a difference among the homeless, we encourage you to join Dreams for Change in helping San Diego’s working homeless. By supporting the Safe Parking Program in San Diego, you’ll be able to play a part in improving the lives of thousands of homeless individuals across the city.

So what are you waiting for? Call (619) 497-0236 to volunteer with Dreams for Change or to make a donation today.