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The work of Dreams for Change has been covered by the LA Times, Politico, and Business Insider. Most recently, National Geographic featured the Safe Parking Program with an in-depth report and documentary.

Channel 10 Leadership Award

Channel 10 Leadership Award

"Dreams for Change helps San Diegans with personal finance and resources." Keep reading.

Safe Parking is an Answer to a Prayer

Safe Parking is Angel's Answer to a Prayer

"The non-profit 'Dreams for Change' manages the lot that includes 16 parking spaces, restrooms, handwashing stations and onsite security 24/7." Keep reading.

LA Times

16,000 people in L.A. now live in cars, vans and RVs. But safe parking remains elusive.

"Two years ago, Los Angeles began testing an alternative to homeless shelters called safe parking, giving people living in their cars a secure spot to sleep at night." Keep reading.

National Geographic

Navigating the booming cost of urban life

"It’s a day like any other in San Diego, built from blue skies, 74 degrees, palm trees, school buses, traffic congestion, Taco Bell, and Hobby Lobby. The morning light is flat. Yet at the horizon, a haze, an implacable stirring." Keep reading.

The New York Times

In College and Homeless

"At community colleges, many students are spending nights on friends' couches or sleeping in cars. Advocates are pushing for solutions, including safer places to park overnight." Keep reading.

"The answer lies in not throwing excessive money and resources around, but in meeting the demands of homeless services while respecting the concerns of residents."


The college students who live in homeless shelters

"“It can be very cost efficient and serve more students while not draining existing resources,” says Teresa Smith, CEO of Dreams for Change, an organization in San Diego that has been operating safe parking for over nine years in the city." Keep reading.

Voice of San Diego

Safe Parking Lots Balance Need With Residents' Concerns

"For families and individuals who find themselves without housing, living in a vehicle is the last stop before ending up sleeping on sidewalks, in parks or in front of a business." Keep reading.