Workforce Development Program

Skills Development

Dreams’ Cuisine is a job readiness program focusing on the skills necessary to work within the food service industry to include small business development. The job readiness program is a comprehensive program including a mixture of classroom based instruction and on the job training. 
The workforce development program provides participants with training opportunities for those seeking to re-enter the workforce or start their own food truck business.
Skills training is provided in small business development, restaurant management, food distribution and procurement, and culinary job training.

Job Training for the Mobile Food Business

  • Learn how to run a food truck
  • Training available in North County and San Diego
  • 175 hours of PAID on-the-job training
  • Free Food Safety Certification
  • Work readiness and financial literacy training
  • Job placement assistance

Call or text Kyra Bethel, Program Manager to apply: (619) 405-8954 |

Download Dreams’ Cuisine Flyer for more information. This program is in partnership with Interfaith Community Services and CONNECT2Careers San Diego