Achieving Financial Independence

Financial Independence

Often times, homeless individuals are viewed as being incapable of understanding how to effectively manage their finances. We believe this notion is false, and recognize that understanding personnel finance and making behavioral changes based on that understanding, are essential steps out of homelessness.

Our Achieving Financial Independence program has been created to meet the specialized needs of program participants and tailored to the specific circumstances of individual clients. We also provide classroom instruction on each of our core components.

Through the program, Dreams for Change works with each client on:

Financial Assistance

  • Assess their financial status
  • Analyze their existing debt and review their credit status
  • Develop and implement a plan for debt reduction

Public Benefit Guidance

  • Screen potential eligibility for public benefits
  • Complete required applications for public benefits and provide advocacy and follow-up to ensure that eligible benefits are received

Budgets and Planning

  • Create a personal budget that is optimized for a fixed or limited income
  • Set financial goals as they relate to re-housing and stabilization
  • Prepare taxes and make tax deficiency corrections

Thrive San Diego

We also assist other low-income and moderate-income working families through the Thrive San Diego programs.

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